Emmyshotz: An eminent photographer in Ukraine

Thank you for granting this interview. - Thank you for having me. Let’s get to know you. My name is Emmanuel Soyombo. I hail from Ogun state, Nigeria. I do cherish my family and few real friends’ way back. Growing up was pretty cool for me because I got involved in some activities like hiding … Continue reading Emmyshotz: An eminent photographer in Ukraine



The 1st singular pronoun “I” awakens one from his/her sub-consciousness. When you retire to bed at the end of each day, do you care to look back in retrospect and ask yourself; what have I done today? The best way to monitor your progress each day is to keep asking yourself that question. This is … Continue reading WHAT HAVE I DONE TODAY?


"If you’re smart enough to master yourself, you would most probably have succeeded mastering your environment" Adeyemi S.A Self is such a wide concept with several dimensions depending on the narrator of the parody behind the self-mastery. Self is the first phenomenon to be unraveled for adaptability, life and of course overall productivity as individuals. … Continue reading SELF MASTERY